Note: This is a demo site and not a real business.  Scroll down for instructions and other information.


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This demo site shows off all the functionality of the three Simple:Press plugins.  We have created this website for a fictional business that offers technical support to users for a monthly fee.  

With this site, users can sign up for an recurring plan and then be given access to only certain content.  Users can participate in community features such as private messages, photo sharing and so on. 

Each user will have a private account area, public profile and can participate in certain discussion forums.

Look in the footer for login information for each user type or you can go through the purchase process and create a new user of your own.


    Click on the COMMUNITY menu option at the top of this page to view some of the community features.


    Click on the ACCOUNT AND SUPPORT menu drop-down at the top of the page to explore some of the USER ACCOUNT and end-user MEMBERSHIP features.


    Click on the ACCOUNT AND SUPPORT menu option at the top of the screen to explore one of our integrations - with the Awesome Support help-desk system.  Login as a user to see tickets added to an integrated user-account area along with your invoices and membership information.


    Click on the COMMUNITY menu option at the top of the screen to see our content restriction features at work in the MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS menu column.  


Each user on this demo site has a different set of features enabled for them. Below is the login information for each user along with the special features enabled for them.   The password for all users is in the footer of this site. 

Henry Wallace

Username: henrywallace

Special Features Enabled

  • Premium Membership Level
  • Private Content
Aretha Gatlin

Username: arethagatlin

Special Features Enabled

  • Ultimate Membership Level
  • Access to the premium software help forum
Carey Baker

Username: careybaker

Special Features Enabled

  • Basic Membership Level
  • Has Support Tickets
Stepping Wolfe

Username: steppingwolfe

Special Features Enabled

  • Ultimate Membership Level
  • Special Reports (Add-ons)
  • Access to the premium software help forum
Tim Briggs

Username: timbriggs

Special Features Enabled

  • Premium Membership Level


There is a single administrator login available for this demo site. Admin access is primarily in read-only mode so you can see plugin admin options.


Username: spdemoadmin


There are many different functions that are enabled on this site, some of which might seem as if they're duplicates.  This is intentional. 

Simple:Press Member Manager allows for basic membership functions that do not require payment.  It also includes all the things you might require to manage your members (free or paid) such as login forms, custom registration forms, public user profile forms, private account areas and more.

Simple:Press Member Subscriptions allow you to set up a premium membership site where you can charge your users for access to certain areas.

  • Two types of communities

    This site demonstrates two types of communities.  GROUPS are light-weight discussion areas while FORUMS are designed for large communities who need to really fine-tune their features and access policies.

  • Two types of content restrictions

    You can restrict content by role or by premium (paid) memberships.  Restriction by role is available with SPMM.  Restriction by premium memberships is available with SPMS (Simple:Press Member Subscriptions). 

    With SPMS, users access to restricted content is dynamic - as their memberships expire so do their access.  

  • Paid Access To Certain Forums

    With SPMS (Simple:Press Member Subscriptions), you can restrict forum access to users who have paid. On this site, only users who have purchased a membership can create new posts in the subforum "Acme Software General Support".

Looking For Something You Haven't Seen Yet?

We hope you have enjoyed cruising around this demo site. The site shows off a lot of the features of our plugins but is by no means exhaustive.  If you're looking for a feature that you can't see here, drop us a note on our main site - simple-press.com - by clicking the CONTACT button below.  It will take you directly to our contact page where you can request that we enable the feature on this site for you.